Terms of Use

Terms of Service Blanco bit:

Welcome to Blanco bit (BL) (the “Site”). The website operates at www.blancobit.com and at any other address at the discretion of the site operator. The site provides services for the sale of the Blanco bit as defined below.

Blanco bit wishes to emphasize that surfing the Site and / or performing the Site’s operations constitute the user’s consent, including but not limited to, accepting and behaving in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations, as well as other instructions appearing on the Site, including the Privacy Policy. You are requested to read the Terms carefully, as they define your rights and obligations with respect to the use of the Site and constitute a binding agreement between you and the Site Operator. If you do not agree to the Terms, in whole or in part, you are requested to refrain from using the Site. Use of the Site Services is only permitted to users 18 years of age or older. If we are aware of the age of a user under 18, we will take steps to discard the user’s use. BL reserves the right to modify / update the Terms of Use from time to time at its sole discretion.

The site will provide a limited amount of 3,000 purchase bills, which will be issued through a number of integrated identification indicators, including advanced security marks manufactured using a variety of technologies. The security marks are common to all the notes and you can see them, feel them in your hands, or reveal them when the note is tilted, including serial numbers on the front and back of the notes. The purchase of the bill will be possible for the user with a valid credit card and / or a PAYPAL account whose age exceeds 18 years.

The Site Operator shall not be held liable for any damage caused to you as a result of participating in trading on the Site, including financial losses. You bear full and exclusive responsibility for any purchase of the note and undertake to indemnify the site operator for any damage caused to him or to any third party as a result thereof.

Viewing the contents of the site does not require registration or supplying of identifying information. However, in order to purchase the note, the user will enter personal information such as name, exact address, e-mail address, credit card details, telephone and other details if required. This information will be retained and used in accordance with the site’s privacy policy. You agree to provide accurate and complete information to the Site. You shall be liable for any negative result that may be caused by providing inaccurate or outdated information. BL shall not bear any liability or liability in connection therewith. In addition, a user who wishes to purchase a bill on the site will be asked to approve the Terms of Use policy attesting to his acceptance of these terms and additional terms appearing on the site, including the privacy policy of the site.

The price of the note will be US $ 1,000 and the dollar exchange rate will be automatically calculated according to the exchange rate as of the date of approval of the transaction. The purchase of the note is personal and therefore makes you the owner of the note and a member of the exclusive members club of Blanco Bit. After you enter your credit card details or PayPal account details, clearing will be done by a third party service provider and the transaction will be approved only after the credit card details have been checked by the credit card companies (“Transaction”). If the transaction was not approved by the companies The user will not receive an e-mail notification that the transaction has not been approved and therefore void. Completed transactions shall be irrevocable to both parties, unless the Company has determined in its sole discretion that there has been a human error or a technical failure.

BL may cancel any transaction in the event of a writer error and / or error regarding the price of the note and / or description and / or delivery time or any other error of any kind (hereinafter: “the error”). As soon as the error is known, BL will act to correct the error and inform the employees who purchased the bill for the error. The purchase of the note will be permitted by the users only in accordance with the correct information that will be re-entered on the site and users will have no claim and / or complaint and / or demand and / or claim against cancellation of the transaction and for non-provision of the note.

Shipping policy

After receipt of a final confirmation by the user, the bill will be sent by courier, EMS, and the date of receipt of the note will be calculated from the day the final approval was received from the credit card companies. Blanco bit charges $24 delivery, to anywhere in the world. Where it will not be possible to perform the delivery, such as: an area with limited security access, an incorrect address, etc. BL will contact the user to coordinate a new delivery or cancel the order. BL will be entitled to collect additional shipping fees in the said case.

The times of delivery of the note shall be in accordance with the instructions of the delivery companies and the user shall be subject to and bound by them. The calculation of the dates of supply of the note shall be calculated only on business days. (Weekdays, Monday through Friday, and do not include Saturdays, Sundays or  holidays). BL reserves the right to require the User to be present at the time of delivery and/or to present ID and/or credit card. BL shall not be liable in any case of delay or delay in the supply originating in the forwarding companies and/or in case of force majeure, strike or disabling.

Regulation, customs and taxes

Use of BL is permitted only for individuals and legal entities that are in a position to make use of these binding legal agreements to make a purchase for personal use only or as a gift. The recipient specified as the delivery address shall be deemed to be the importer of the purchased note and shall comply with the requirements of the law and the restrictions in the country.
Customs duties and taxes are determined by the tax authority in your country and are based on a number of factors such as the VAT rate, and the user is requested to examine, before the transaction is executed, the demand of the state authorities for which the order was made. Of the user to check the feasibility of charging these and / or other taxes, and hereby waives any claim and / or demand and / or complaint against BL Any customs or other tax charge imposed on the order upon its entry into the country to which the order was made

The user must immediately notify the site if the bill was not provided during the delivery period specified on the site subject to and in accordance with the contract with the shipping company. After clarifying them, if the bill is not received, a new bill will be sent to the user. The operator of the site will not be responsible for delays in supplying the bill due to events that are not under its control, such as malfunctions, delays, strikes, natural disasters, or computer system malfunctions, that may impair the completion of the purchase process or malfunctions in the e-mail service. However, the site’s operator will do its best to provide bills at the requested time.

Regulation regarding the regulation of currencies from various aspects is appropriate throughout the world is in a process of constant development; Including, without limitation, legislation against money laundering and against the financing of terrorism. If any regulatory authority imposes new regulations applicable to the sale of the note, BL may, at its sole discretion, change the Terms of Service, its internal compliance policy, and the procedures applicable to users for the sale of the note in order to comply with such new regulations. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Site may terminate the operation of the Site and the Services at any time and without prior notice, at its discretion.

Any tax which will apply for a purchase on the Site, if applicable, will apply to you exclusively. You bear full and exclusive responsibility to report and pay the applicable taxes, if applicable, in connection with the purchase on the Site. The site’s operator is not responsible for determining whether taxes apply for your actions, nor is it responsible for deducting, reporting or paying any taxes resulting from your purchase of the site. You represent and certify that you will have no claims regarding such deductions against the Site Operator. Insofar as the site operator or anyone acting on its behalf will be required by the tax authorities in your country or outside your country to pay any taxes and / or assume the financial burden of a purchase that you made and which were not deducted at source for any reason, you agree to indemnify the site operator for any site operator Paying in connection with your activity on the Site within 14 business days from the date of presenting such demand by the Site Operator

any transaction on the site and/or any use and/or activity on the site, including but not limited to : purchasing, selling’ transffering is subject to the user’s  state of rezidency . it is the use’s solely responsiabiliaty to comply with his state regulations, including the legality of such activity on the site.

Cancellation of Transaction

The Purchase Order means a duly completed order for the purchase of a Bill on BL, a Sale Order means a duly completed order for the sale of the Deed. It should be clarified that BL can only be used as a purchase order and that the site has no right of sale. You agree and understand that the purchase of the BL Site Notes does not give you any right to subsequently sell the Bills back to BL.

Without derogating from any of the foregoing provisions, you agree to the site’s cancellation policy as described below:

Cancellation of Purchase Order will not be possible due to the fact that Purchase Order is automatically executed and no cancellation or refund can be made under any circumstances, such as human error. The user hereby waives any claim against the site operator in relation to or in connection with the cancellation. Prior to execution of the transaction, it is the user’s sole responsibility to read, agree and approve these terms and additional terms appearing on the site.

The user hereby confirms that once the transaction has been approved, the transaction will be irrevocable and irrevocable, unless the site at its sole discretion decides that it is ready and able to reverse the purchase order. In such case of cancellation the following conditions shall apply:

The user shall bear all costs resulting from the cancellation, including the cost of remitting funds to their source, shipping costs and a cancellation fee of 5% of the amount of each bill. The refund can be received within 14 business days from the date of approval of the cancellation of the transaction and only to the means of payment in which the transaction was made (for the credit card or the Paypal account).

You can not charge Direct Debit cards, so debit card holders are eligible for a bank transfer refund. The user hereby waives any claim regarding the timing, manner and cost of the cancellation. The site will not bear any liability and the user hereby releases the site from any liability in relation to the reversal of cancellation or in relation to the return from cancellation.

It is hereby agreed that in relation to all matters relating to cancellations, previous decisions of the Site shall not bind it and shall not be considered as a binding precedent. In addition, the user may not rely on any claim, and he waives any claim regarding his reliance on previous decisions of the site regarding cancellations.

Purchasing Notes

It is hereby emphasized that BL does not provide any advice or service with respect to the purchases and will not bear any liability whatsoever in connection with the purchase of the notes. Any interest expressed as a recommendation in connection with any purchase shall not be considered as a recommendation or sponsorship under any circumstances.The User hereby agrees that he will indemnify the Site in an amount equal to the costs incurred by him in respect of any claim or action opened by the User against the Site in respect of an interest that is ostensibly referred to as a recommendation or protection.

As stated in the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Services, The source of the funds transferred from your personal account to BL and that the source of the funds is legal and legitimate and that it is not related to any illegal activity in your country or any other jurisdiction. Furthermore, you hereby declare that all funds sent by you to BL have been legally obtained by you and that the funds are not from illegal activity in your country or any other jurisdiction and that the applicable taxes are paid as required by law. By accepting these Terms of Use, you represent and declare that the transfer of funds is exempt from taxes and does not represent income for the recipient of the funds.

Please note that BL reserves the right to refuse any transaction for any reason whatsoever.

By using the Site, you represent and warrant that you understand all risks associated with the purchase of BL Notes. The buying option is given to you on a “as is” basis and without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied. BL hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, including but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability, in connection with a breach and fitness for a particular purpose. Without limiting the foregoing, neither BL nor its affiliates or subsidiaries, nor any of its directors, employees, agents, attorneys, third party content providers, distributors, joint ventures, licensors or licensors make any representations or warranties According to which the services will not be violated

That the Services shall be free of malfunctions or free of any viruses / crackers or other harmful components. You agree that the use of the Services will be at your own risk. The Site disclaims any responsibility for maintaining the accuracy of the information or valuations. You bear any risk arising from the loss, including without limitation, of data, calculations and valuations of the notes and related transactions.

Selling bills

Banking bills on the BL site does not give you any right to sell bills back to BL, but with this BL website allows you to sell bills to other users through the transfer ownership form. In this form, the seller and the buyer will fill in their details. The seller will be asked to enter the order number sent to him by email when purchasing the bill, and the transfer of ownership will take place within 2 business days. Upon approval of the transfer transaction, the previous order number will be deactivated, and the new active order number will be sent to the buyer. The right to take various measures to verify the identities of the seller and the buyer and the details of the transfer of ownership in order to prevent fraud, BL collects a fee of $ 19 for the transfer service and reserves the right to modify / update the fee on the site from time to time at its sole discretion.

The sale of notes can be made only 60 business days after the date of purchase of the note (the date on which a person was accepted The price of the commission and the manner of transferring the money or any other matter relating to the purchase / sale of the notes between the users are the sole responsibility of the buyer and the seller The operator of the site and / or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be liable and shall not bear any direct damage Indirect, consequential or special, caused to the user as a result of the sale / purchase of banknotes between the users, regardless of the cause of action, the transaction between the users will not be grounds for canceling the transaction with the BL.

BL website and may reserve the right to cancel / A reason which is in its sole discretion. The transfer of ownership of the note will be made possible only by users in accordance with the correct information that will be entered in the designated form Users will have no claim and / or complaint and / or demand and / or claim against refusal to transfer ownership.

The use of the Site

The use of the Site is personal and non-transferable to any third party, and any activity on the Site shall be in accordance with the Terms of Use and for the sole purpose of the use of the Website, and BL shall not be held liable for any illegal activity by users and / or any third party using the Site. Enter any third-party information, and enter true and true information about it, including its name, address, address, address Or any other information that you may be required to make in order to make the purchase.You may not impersonate another person or entity, nor make false statements regarding your identity and / or any information that you are required to provide.The site reserves the right to take various technological and other measures, To verify and verify your identity and / or any other information about you.In addition, the Site may use various means to monitor the activity of the Website in order to detect fraud or misuse of it to comply with the provisions of the law.

If you submitted false or false information during the purchase process, , At its sole discretion, shall be entitled to terminate the purchase process immediately and without any prior notice Will be entitled to refuse to provide the money, block or cancel your access to the site if he thought that a breach of the provisions of the conditions otherwise as it sees fit. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, the site operator may block your access to the site, inter alia in any of the following cases:

  • If you used the Site to commit or attempt to commit an unlawful or offensive act that constitutes or may constitute an offense in accordance with the provisions of any law, or to facilitate, facilitate, assist or encourage the execution of such an act;
  • If you have committed an act or omission that harm or may harm the Site Operator or any other third parties, including other users or suppliers or partners of the Site Operator;
  • If you take any action to prevent others from using the Site in any way; If you take any action that interferes with, burdens or disrupts the functioning of the Site and / or the Services;
  • If you employ any means of circumventing, neutralizing or overriding the security mechanisms on the Site, if you harm or otherwise interfere with the proper operation of the Site;
  • With the cessation of activity of the site operator or the termination of the site’s activity;
  • By judicial order or instruction of a competent authority;

Restrictions and prohibitions

  1. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, decompile, decrypt or otherwise attempt to obtain the source code of any underlying software or other intellectual property used for the provision of the Services or to obtain any information from the Services by using any method not approved in writing by BL .
  2.  You agree not to reproduce, republish, upload, publish, transmit, publicly make available or otherwise distribute any part or any adapted version or derivative work of the Services.
  3. You may not attack, assist or engage in any type of attack, including spreading viruses, attacking services that prevent access to or use of services, making other attempts to disrupt services, obtaining unauthorized access to services, or disrupting anyone else’s use of the Services.
  4. You may not transmit unauthorized messages through the Services, including spam, chain letters, spam, and any other materials that promote malware, spyware, and downloadable items.
  5. You shall not use any unauthorized third party software that accesses, intercepts, mines or otherwise collects information from the Services or through or in transit to or from the Services.
  6. You will not override any robots exclusion titles or other means used by BL to restrict access to the Services or use any software, technology, or device that sends content or messages that perform crawling, spidering or scraping Services, or information miners or information manipulators.
  7. You will not use, allow, create or continue to operate any unauthorized connection to the Services including: (a) any connection with any unauthorized server that mimics or attempts to emulate any part of the Services; Or (b) any connection that uses software, tools or software not approved in writing by BL.
  8. You shall not post any offensive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, defamatory, or defamatory information based on age, ethnic origin, race, religion, or gender, or including any link to such content. Which is against the law, or whose publication is against the law;
  9. You may not attempt, harass, abuse, or harm another person or group, including BL employees and customer service representatives.
  10. You may not solicit or attempt to solicit personal information from other users of the Services.
  11. You may not collect, harvest or post any person’s personal information in any media format, including through the Services.
  12. Any material or information that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, right of privacy, right to publish or any other right of any other person or entity or that imitates any other person shall not be accessed through the Services.
  13. You will not copy, modify or distribute rights or content from the Services, or the copyrights or trademarks of BL, and will not use any method for the copying or distribution of the Services Content except as expressly permitted by this Agreement.
  14. You may not link to content other than the home page of the site (“deep link”) and may not display or publish such content in any other way unless the deep link is to a web page in the site in its entirety and as is, so that it can be viewed and used in exactly the same way Use and viewing on the Site. In this context, it is prohibited to link to content from the site, separate from the web pages or areas in which they appear on the site (for example, it is forbidden to link directly to a picture or graphic file on the site, but to the full page in which they appear). Also, the exact URL of the web page on the site must appear in the usual place designated for this in the user interface. This address may not be altered, misrepresented, or replaced at any other address.

Any use of the Services which violates this Agreement is strictly prohibited and may, at the sole discretion of the Site, result in immediate termination of the limited rights granted to you by virtue of these Terms of Service. Without limiting any other remedies, BL may limit, suspend, cancel, terminate, modify or delete your access to the Site at his sole discretion without prior notice if you do not comply with the Terms of Service or if you do not comply with these Terms of Service Actual or unlawful use of the Services or if BL believes that you are creating a risk or potential legal liability, infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties.
Without derogating from the foregoing, BL reserves the right, at its sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever, to cease offering services and / or to support the Services or any part thereof, at any time, permanently or temporarily, whether to certain users or in general, Expensive – Your right to use the Services will automatically expire or be suspended. In this case, BL shall not be required to provide benefits or any other compensation to users. You acknowledge and agree that BL is not obligated to compensate you for any losses incurred as a result of the termination of the Services as set forth above, whether terminated voluntarily or involuntarily.

Intellectual Property

The Services and the Site and all content appearing therein, including without limitation the name, software, technologies, source code, ideas, design, images, animation, sound, methods of operation, moral rights, documents and virtual items of the Site Used by virtue of a permit granted by its licensees. BL (or its licensors, as the case may be) shall hold all rights, title and property rights in the Services and / or the Site and all content appearing on the Services and / or the Website and all intellectual property rights relating to them, including without limitation the copyright, Trade names, sample rights and any other protected proprietary rights in connection with the Services and / or the Site.
Unless explicitly stated otherwise, you may not copy, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, make available to the public, modify, process, create derivative works, sell or rent any part of the above, whether by you or through or with the participation of a third party In any manner or means, whether electronic, computerized, mechanical, optical, photocopying or recording, or by any other means or means, without obtaining prior written consent from the site operator or other rights holders, as the case may be and subject to the terms of the agreement.

Site content

The site’s operator is given the sole discretion to decide which content will be presented on the site, the length of time it will be displayed, their location and design, and any other matter related to them. The site operator may remove any content from the site at his sole discretion without the need for any prior notice. The site operator may, at his own initiative and at any time without notice, discontinue the provision of services on the site.
The site’s operator may display additional content originating from social networks and various online services, such as the page operated by BL on Facebook or other social networks. Note that the use of such social networks or any other online service is at your own risk and is subject to legal documents (such as the terms of use and privacy policy) governing the operation of these services (not on behalf of the site operator).
Please note that the information and content published on the site, including financial data, are the source of user activity on the site, and the site operator only reflects the information to visitors and users of the site.
Buying real-time bills through the site requires an online connection of your computer or end device to the Internet. Such connection costs are subject to the agreements between you and your telecommunications providers and the applicable payments to you and are at your own risk.

Changes to the site and termination of activity

The site’s operator is entitled to change from time to time the structure, appearance and design of the site, the scope and availability of the services and content therein, and will be entitled to change any other aspect of the site – all without having to inform you in advance. Such changes will be made, inter alia, taking into consideration the dynamic nature of the Internet and the technological and other changes taking place there. By nature, such changes may involve malfunctions or initially cause inconvenience, etc. You will not have any claim, demand or demand against the site operator for such changes or malfunctions that may occur as they occur.

Without derogating from the above, the Site Operator reserves the right to change, suspend, suspend and / or cancel at any time the activity of the Site or the services included therein, in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently, at its sole discretion and without any reason and Without a reason and without a duty to give notice on the matter. The site’s activator will also be entitled, from time to time, to stop the activity on the site for maintenance, repair, upgrading and improvement of the site. The site operator will do his best to reduce the time periods during which the site will not be active. To the extent possible and at its sole discretion, the site’s operator will publish a notice on the site regarding the cessation of the site’s activity a reasonable time in advance. Upon termination of the Site, the Site Operator will retain the Content contained therein for a reasonable period of time and may then delete it without retaining any backup thereof and without further notice.

Limitation of Liability

You acknowledge and agree that to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the disclaimer of liability herein shall also apply to all or any of the damages or injuries of any kind caused by or in connection with the use or inability to use the Services, (Including negligence), and that neither BL nor any of its affiliates shall be liable or liable in any circumstances whatsoever to you or to any other entity, even if they are liable for any breach of contract or tort (including negligence) Be aware that such damages are possible for any tort, indirect, incidental, consequential damages (including loss of income, loss of business opportunities) Damage to good name, loss of information or destruction of or damage to information) or any special compensation, exemplary compensation or punitive damages that may be caused as a result of or in connection with your use or inability to use the Services. If the services or terms of service are not satisfactory to you, or if there is a dispute between you and BL, the only and sole remedy available to you is the termination of the use of the Services. You further specifically acknowledge that neither BL nor its affiliates will be liable, and you agree that BL and / or its affiliates shall not be liable for the conduct of third parties, including third party service providers and third party sites, and other users of the Services, And that the risk inherent in their services and the damage they may cause is entirely imposed on you or on such third parties. Because certain jurisdictions do not allow limitation or exclusion of certain types of damages, some of the above limitations may not apply to you. In such jurisdictions, BL’s liability shall be limited and its obligations shall be excluded to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.


You hereby undertake to defend, indemnify and remove liability from the Site Operator, its employees, managers or anyone acting on its behalf for any claim, damage, loss, loss of profit, liability, compensation, payment or expense incurred by them (including but not limited to direct, incidental, consequential damages) , Exemplary compensation and indirect compensation) – including legal fees and court costs – due to violation of these conditions. In addition, you will indemnify the Site Operator, its employees, managers or anyone on its behalf for any claim, claim or demand raised against them by any third party as a result of any act or omission, including but not limited to your failure to comply with the Terms of Service or any violation of the Terms And any breach of representations and warranties you have undertaken in this document. BL reserves the right, at your own expense, to assume exclusive control and protection in any matter for which you are required to indemnify BL and agree to cooperate with BL in defense of such claims. BL will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you of any such claim, action or proceeding when such person becomes aware of it; You agree that the provisions of this Section shall retain their validity notwithstanding any termination of the Agreement established by virtue of these Terms of Service.


Anywhere in these conditions in which the liability of the site operator is specified, the intention shall also be the responsibility of its employees, managers and employees acting on its behalf or in its name.
In cases that are not under the control and / or arising from force majeure, the site will not be liable for any damage, indirect or direct, caused to the user or anyone acting on his behalf, and if information is lost or accessed by a hostile party and / or used without authorization.
The use of the site and any content contained therein and the execution of commercial operations will be done at your sole and full responsibility and the site operator and / or the management of the site and / or anyone acting on their behalf will not be responsible and will not bear any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user and / Or to the Client and / or to a third party, as a result of use or purchase through the Site, other than pursuant to these Articles. Any decision you make regarding the purchase of BL bills is at your sole risk.
The site operator does not undertake that trading on the site will bring you financial gain.
The Site Operator does not undertake that content originating from third parties, including user content and financial content presented on the Site, will be complete, correct, legal or accurate, or will meet your expectations and requirements. The site operator will not bear any responsibility for any result of or reliance on them. The use of the services and contents of the site is at your own risk.
The site operator does not undertake that the services and contents of the site will not be disturbed, will be provided in order or without breaks, will be held safely and without errors, and will be immune to unauthorized access to the servers of the site or from damage, malfunctions, malfunctions or failures – With the operator of the site or with any of its suppliers.


These Terms and any notice of legal effect shall constitute the entire agreement between the User and BL in connection with the Site and the Services offered therein. If it is determined that any of the conditions is invalid, then the lack of validity of a particular clause shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions, which shall remain in effect. These Terms prevail over any written or oral consent, unless otherwise stated in a written agreement.
BL’s waiver, avoidance of action or extension of time shall not be construed as a permanent waiver of its terms or rights under any law and shall not constitute and shall not be construed as equivalent to any other case. BL has the right to exercise its rights at any time and shall not hear any claim of waiver Or stay.
The user and BL agree that any claim relating to the Site and its use will be raised within one year from the creation of the cause, otherwise, such a claim will not be made possible. In any conflict between these terms and conditions written in another language, the conditions in English will prevail.
The site operator may change the terms of the Terms from time to time. If possible, and if material changes are made to the conditions, a notice will be posted on the site’s homepage. The links to the terms are posted on the site and will always link to the updated version of the terms. Your continued use of the Site after posting the updated terms indicates that you have agreed to them. If you do not agree with the new Terms and Conditions, you must cease using the Site.
BL may assign its rights and obligations under these Terms, in whole or in part, at its sole discretion, to any person or entity at any time, with or without your consent. You may not assign or assign any right or obligation under these Terms and You may not charge, assign, pledge, lend or grant any rights to any third party in any of these. Any act or omission contrary to the aforesaid shall be void.
Access to the Site’s Services may be interrupted, suspended or interrupted from time to time due to circumstances under its control and circumstances not under BL’s control. BL shall not be liable for any delay or non-existence caused by reasons beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation any non-compliance under these conditions due to a Force Majeure such as the act of God, war, terrorism, riots, embargoes , Acts of civil and military authorities, fires, floods, accidents, network infrastructure failures, strikes or shortages of transportation services, fuel, energy, labor or materials.
The law applicable to the operations on the Site and these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel only. The sole and exclusive authority to hear any claim and / or request that may be submitted in connection with this agreement is given to the court in the city of Beer Sheva in the competent State of Israel, as the case may be.
The site’s operator is meticulous in complying with the provisions of the law and respects the rights of the site’s visitors and any other third party. If you believe that content posted on your site is offensive to you on any behalf, and if you have any question, suggestion, complaint or more, please contact us via the contact link on the website and we will try to handle your request as soon as possible.

Last updated at 13/12/2018