Blanco bit is a currency of value that is not owned by a central entity such as a country or a bank (distributed currency). It is easy, fast and safe to make Blanco Bit transfers to any point around the world. Due to it being a distributed currency, the value of Blanco Bit is determined in a free market, without manipulations. The note is considered an asset that benefits from inflation (when there is inflation) or inflation expectations and has been used as an investment channel for a very long time. The purchase of the note is personal and therefore makes you the owner of the note.

The simplest and easiest way to get Blanco Bit is by buying the existing currencies on credit at or by purchasing through a transfer of ownership.

In order to purchase a Blanco bit note through the website, click on the Buy Now tab, choose the number of notes you want to purchase, and fill in the details of the purchase form. Once the settlement is approved by the credit card company, you will be sent an email with a personal sales code and the bill will be sent to the address you entered by courier mail to any point in the world.You can make a purchase by credit card or through a PAYPAL account.

Yes, the cost of shipping is $24, anywhere in the world.

The dates of delivery of the note will be calculated from the date on which the final approval was received from the credit company. The times of delivery of the note shall be in accordance with the instructions of the shipping companies and the user shall be subject to and bound by them. The calculation of the dates of supply of the note shall be calculated only on business days. (Weekdays, Monday through Friday, and do not include Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays). It usually takes 14-21 business days for the bill to be received.

As noted, Blanco bit is traded on the free market. Its value is affected by the supply and demand of investors as in any normal market. Investors who invest in Blanco bit do so for speculative purposes – that is, they believe that the value of the note will increase. The price of the note is denominated in dollars, the weaker the dollar, the stronger note will be.

Buying bills on the BL site does not give you any right to sell bills back to BL, but however BL website allows you to sell bills to other users through the transfer ownership form. In this form, the seller and the buyer will fill in their details and the seller will be asked to enter the order number that was sent to him by email when he purchased the bill. The transfer of ownership will be completed within 2 business days, and once the transaction has been approved, the buyer will receive a new order number, this will be the new active number and the previous number will be disabled. The site has no involvement or liability in the details of the transaction between the buyer and the seller, except for the actual transfer of ownership of the note.

The sale of notes can only be made 60 business days after the date of purchase of the note (the date on which the final approval of the transaction was received).

Yes, $ 19 unless otherwise determined on the site.

Bills of purchase will be issued through a number of integrated identification indicators, including advanced security marks manufactured using a variety of technologies. The security marks are common to all notes and you can see them, feel them in your hands, or discover them when you tilt the note. In addition, the front and back of the banknotes will show different serial numbers. The site will provide a limited amount of 3,000 banknotes and therefore during the transfer of ownership, the site operator examines, among other things, the details of the seller and the buyer who entered the ownership transfer form and that the bank details are correct.

The note is owned by you and is at your own responsibility only.

When making trades you are trading with other Blanco Bit owners. Prices are based solely on supply and demand. The purchase price or sale of Blanco bit between users depends on them.